Why Are Shrek Memes Popular

Talk about being famous. Shrek was a pretty good and popular movie so I guess it makes sense why there are so many memes about it even 15 years later.

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But instead of relying on goofy actions and random scenarios the humor in Shrek is smart careful and largely innuendo.

Why are shrek memes popular. A screengrab of Shrek raising his eyebrows and looking off to one side has become a popular reaction meme. The meme creators not only create a funny joke surrounding a trend by adding Shrek but they also get to throw the advertising back in everyones face. Recent Shrek memes are usually the Shrek versions of trending memes so it will continue in that direction Gyiran predicted.

As with so many internet memes Occams Razor also appliesthe simplest answer is that Shrek has a funny stupid face and putting that face in a weird place provokes a cheap laugh. A shared sense of humor is what brings people closest together and here is a hilarious example of that. No one ever admits that the Shrek series is pretty crappy even though DreamWorks drove it into the ground as hard as it possibly couldThe first Shrek was critically acclaimed and an Oscar winner.

The years that followed sparked a boomlet of ironic appreciation for Shrek resulting in hundreds of memes. As with all good internet memes it feels like one giant agreed-upon joke. Weve picked ten Shrek memes that were positive youre going to love and thatll probably make you want to watch the movies again.

A quick search will reveal tons of Shrek fan fictions art graphics musicals jokes and yes memes. Lord Farquads entire name and character as well as his size laid the perfect groundwork for countless witty jabs from Shrek about compensation among other things. Thanks to the Internet this multi-layered ogre is more than a hilarious childhood animated character.

The Shrek meme creators are basically trolling people with various Shrek memes because that is exactly what the advertisers did to us for so many years. Sending each other Shrek memes is the staple of a lot of relationships and rightfully so. In fact Shrek rose to amazing heights that he has his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Awful puns half-assed Photoshops bizarre fan fiction and a. Shrek memes are one of the most popular kinds of memes there are but I dont really get what makes Shrek different from pixar movies. On February 6th 2013 The Huffington Post reported two Shrek fans cosplayed as Shrek and Fiona at their wedding shown below right.

Sep 27 2018 – Explore Derpy Burgers board Shrek memes followed by 157 people on Pinterest. Memes can help add to the overall popularity of your website and keep your visitors coming back to your site. See more ideas about shrek memes shrek memes.

One of the best things about Shrek is that it will never cease to make you laugh. The lovely green ogre Shrek has slowly but surely become a favorite of children and parents alike and as with all movie hits its generated its good share of amazing Shrek memes. Collection by Derpy Burger.

This generation is brought together with laughter and asking your buddies whether or not Human Shrek is a straight-up hunk is just a part of growing up in this day and age. People forgot what Shrek is love Shrek is life is. Best Dank Memes Compilation Vine 2016 YouTube Dank Memes Shrek.

Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. This is a superb way to get people interested in your website. Aug 22 2020 – Explore Ginas Still Gamings board Shrek Memes followed by 522 people on Pinterest.

Its known most often as Bored. Additionally they can also help bring in some new visitors to your site. The second was among the biggest money-makers in film history but was the beginning of a sharp fall-off in quality.

The Shrek memes exact origins are tough to pin down but its widely believed that Shrek lost his dignity and purity around the time the franchises official Facebook page launched in 2009. He is funny and has iconic catch phrases. See more ideas about shrek memes shrek memes.

Why is it so meme worthy. Brogres commonly make use of a large variety of pun jokes and slang phrases which are a play on popular terms and phrases associated with Shrek and the series in similar vein to the bronyspeak vocabulary used by bronies. Its satirical marketing at its best.

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