Meme Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

No really theres a scientific reason for this one. If you ask why dogs are better than cats try to train a top brilliant cat and your dog.

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Its an argument thats ruined friendships ended family dinners and caused people to re-evaluate their long-term relationships.

Meme why cats are better than dogs. Cats seem to be better within the political area than dogs especially on the local stage. Cats are low-maintenance Besides being much cheaper to get cats are also low. Cats are better athletes.

While buying a specific breed of cat can be expensive generally adoption fees are lower for kittens and cats than they are for puppies or dogsparticularly during kitten seasons or times when the shelter has a major influx of kittens. If you only watch clips on YouTube you are missing hi. Because cats are so good at keeping themselves clean they usually feel softer and cleaner than dogs and many other animals when you pet them.

As you can clearly see dogs are not the way to go unless you prefer loads of upkeep associated with your pet. Dogs are the equivalent of a Viral Marketing Strategist at an ad agency sure theyll have a hit now and again but unless its really exceptional work youll just ignore it because you know theyre doing it to get your. Cats take care about their hygiene.

Unlike dogs your cat wont go outside and roll in unpleasant things or pick a fight with a skunk. Another reason why cats are found to be a. Cats are less slobbery than dogs.

Its a job and most dogs love to work. In fact while most of the dogs require regular cleaning by their human cats are basically self-cleaning. My personal theory about why cats have more viral potential than their canine compatriots is that cats are better at making viral videos because the dogs are trying too hard.

Now scientists have confirmed that cats really are better than dogs at least from an evolutionary perspective. Cats are more loyal than dogs. It seems to give them a sense of purpose.

A groundbreaking study of 2000. Cats are cleaner than dogs It doesnt matter whether your cat is going outdoors regularly or likes to stay inside. Compared to dogs cats tend to smell much better.

Cats do not constantly. And here is a picture taken right after a cat has executed an impressive. Cats are easy to take care of Cats can be indoor or outdoor and there is no need for walks.

Jena ArdellGetty Images Over the course of their lifetimes cats are generally more affordable than dogs. On the other hand most dogs actually enjoy training. 15 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs 1.

Dogs Can Accompany You To The Pub. Even the loudest meows are cute and relatively quiet. On top of that if your cat is not particularly a fighter you dont even have to.

Here is a standard picture of a dog attempting to catch an easy goal in ultimate frisbee. A study conducted by researchers at Princeton University. Cats or dogs which are actu.

But in the case cat you will either hear kitty laughter or see them disappearing to the place where they please. In general cats train us humans better than we could ever train them. Mayor Stubbs was a cat that officially held the highest office for 20 years in Talkeetna Alaska.

This being said here are the top 7 reasons why cats are better than dogs. When you train a dog it can dance with you.

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