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8th August 2020 1502 IST Binod Rahul Modi Mood 2020 Calendar. As the video went viral people started picking up on the trend and flooded social media posts and comments with the name Binod.

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We have seen one of the biggest viral memes 2020.

Binod viral memes 2020. Top Trending Binod Memes From Internet August 2020 August 9 2020 by kid on internet Leave a Comment Binod memes are everywhere on the internet in this month of 2020. Corona is more famous than you so stay home stay safe. In a weird trend going viral on Twitter netizens are sharing memes and jokes claiming everything and everywhere is Binod The bizarre trend Binod is ranking on the micro-blogging site Twitter after YouTubers Abhyudaya and Gautami who run the channel Slayy Point made a video on the Indian comment section explaining why it is garbage.

Viral News News. While it is one of the most bizarre meme trends of 2020 what exactly is Binod. Here we have brought to you the best funny memes which are becoming the most viral on the Internet.

At the end of July and beginning of August Binod was unleashed. Especially on Twitter people are spamming with these memes making it a trend. In the video they went through some of the indian comments on their youtube videos.

You will not be able to stop your Smile by seeing these meme. Do you know why Binod is on trending and who created this. This strange meme has gone viral on Twitter in India and this is why.

At first it left people scratching their heads but now it has them laughing. All kinds of mimes about Binod are becoming viral on social media. The Binod meme has taken social media by storm.

December 9 2020 1139 AM IST Updated. Not only people but big organizations like Paytm and Tinder are also vibing with Binod memes. A few days back the hashtag binod.

Here are the top memes of the week that surfaced in the first week of August 2020. TheNewsDigit – August 9 2020. SafetyFirst Nagpur City Police NagpurPolice August 8 2020.

Popular Indian YouTube channel Slayy Point which was founded by Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale can be credited for making up the Binod meme. You may have seen this name in social media. 2020 is a year of bizarre trends and if the internet had already convinced you that everything around you is cake think againWhy indian comments section is garbage binod.

First everything was cake. Binod Ki Ma Ka Boyfriend silver_shades7 August 7 2020 Even before it trended on Twitter Binod memes found itself on Reddit in a special sub-Reddit group. Where jokes were being shared about Binod on Facebook and Twitter.

Binod Viral Memes 2020 Latest News Trending Binod. It is about a well-known person Binod. Yes he literally just commented BINOD.

The trend went viral in no time so much so that leading brands like Swiggy Tinder Netflix and even PayTm started picking up on it. We have never seen his face and no he has not done anything except for commenting on his own name Binod. On July 15th 2020.

Happy 4th of July Memes 2020 Check Coolest 4th July Funny Memes Latest These days Binod is trending very fast on social media. You will not be able to stop laughing at the memes and videos that are going viral on social media about Binod. Memes of July 2020.

Dear binod we know you have gone very viral But your safety is important. Now everything is Binod. Binod Memes Trending Memes Dank Indian Memes Latest Memes Viral Memes Roasting FeverWelcome to our Youtube ChannelSubscribe and Join Our Famil.

Binod Viral Memes 2020. Salman_Khan_FC SalmanFC13 August 7 2020. That people are heartily writing Binod in the comment section by visiting YouTube.

Binod is on-trend from the last few days on almost every social media platform. Who is Binod in Memes. Although it was just a random comment but people find it funny and hilarious hence making it viral and trending on all social media including twitter.

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